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View of the office from the outsideYears of experience allow ANTEX to build quality machines for dyeing multicolour with space dyeing system.

Continuous innovation is based on the work done by continuous and steady cooperation with customers from all over the world.
The idea is simple to think about customer satisfaction and at the same time to improve our machines, even the smallest signal is studied and included in our technical knowledge to be evaluated and understood. 
The result of this way of work is a range of equipment for space dyeing innovative and reliable ready to give a final textile product creative, actractive and able to interpret the ideas of the designers. 
The attention to quality details of the machines arrive to the customer is fondamental, all our products are tested both from the point view of mechanical and electronic programming. 
Multicolor dyeing machinery manufacturing concern:

  • Conoprint: effects of multicolor yarn in cones
  • Magic Box : the new frontier of printes hanks
  • Rotoprint: multicolor effects working continuously on the yarn - output on hanks
  • Multispace: multicolor effects on hanks, finished garments, fabrics
  • Magic Rain: effects multicolor melange working continuously on the yarn - output on hanks
  • Deep dyeing : Machine for deep dyeing, ombré, degrade on garments

The real added value of ANTEX is the installation of equipment at customer sites by qualified mechanics and technicians, from here begins a journey that will follow the customer in every need with original spare parts always present and shipped promptly in order to avoid time waiting. 
Our work is completed with the field of used textile dyeing machine . 
In this field, we boast years of market presence, with a large number of machines used reconditioned delivered to customers over the past 20 years. 
In particular, the equipment available concerning the dyeing yarn (cones / hanks) with its finishing machines, steamers and autoclaves for laboratory equipment and yarn dyeing. 
Ready for shipment in our warehouse we have: dyeing machines for hanks type hanks cabinet (OBEM, Loris Bellini, Cubotex, Flainox); vertical dyeing machines for cones different sizes from 5 to 1.000 kg. (OBEM, Loris Bellini, Cubotex, Minox CMG inox, Noseda).
Horizontal dyeing machines for cones (Loris Bellini, OBEM system API/O multitube, Cubotex, Flainox).
Also available for prompt delivery we have laboratory apparatus (AHIBA, Turbomat, Texomat, Gavazzi, Mathis, Ugolini).
Dyeing equipment used are carefully selected and reviewed by careful hands with results without compromising on quality. 
Reconditioned machines are delivered with warranty and provides all kinds of spare parts needed in the process. 
Simple ideas, clear to make an efficient service and quality, this is ANTEX best works in the service of dyeing of the world.

Team Antex
Team Antex

“LIVE” COUNTER of space dyed cones made with CONOPRINT ANTEX

TOTAL multicolor cones made


MULTICOLOR cones made Today


Details for statitics based on internal ANTEX study. Starting from 01-01-2010 till Now.

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