Magic Rain
Magic Rain

It's a novelty in recent years for space dyeing machines working continuously.
After several researchs our customers appreciate this machine  as a device of new concept.
The final effects on the yarn are high-impact color and appear as:

Melange, Tweed, Chainte-claire, Small spots.

This unit has opened a new frontier: that of the possibility of effects melange / blended using only  dyes and mixt of fibers of various colors as in the classical techniques of fancy yarns.
The machine works continuously with 24 yarns is feeded by packages with drive system and collection with reelers. The heads of injection of the dye bath are in sequence and may be 4 in the standard version or on demand can be up to 6.
Apparatus constructed entirely of stainless steel on a solid support for use in conditions of maximum safety and with environment respect.
The computer control system with dedicated software is very powerful and allows a direct management of all parameters of the machine with possible customizations on individual items that you want to save in order to be able to ensure repeatability of the effects depending on the parameters set.
The costs of receipts are really very low, there is no waste or residues of baths color.
The result is a highly efficient and environmentally practically reduced to zero having no direct waste and wastewater disposal.
The mechanical installation is on floor without any complicated operations.
In a few hours our technician can put the machine in operating conditions. 
Magic rain is suitable for customers who require an advanced machine and want to think of multicolored designs look very innovative and creative.



Magic Rain example 01 Magic Rain example 02
Magic Rain example 03 Magic Rain example 04


Magic Rain over Magic Rain particular
Magic Rain particular Magic Rain control panel

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